Documentation for eth_defi.confirmation.broadcast_transactions function.

broadcast_transactions(web3, txs, confirmation_block_count=0, work_around_bad_nodes=True, bad_node_sleep=0.5)[source]

Broadcast and wait a bunch of signed transactions to confirm.

Multiple transactions can be broadcasted and confirmed in a single go, to ensure fast confirmation batches.

  • web3 (web3.main.Web3) – Web3

  • txs (List[eth_account.datastructures.SignedTransaction]) – List of Signed transactions

  • work_around_bad_nodes – If true try to work around issues with low quality JSON-RPC APIs like Ganache by checking if the transaction broadcast succeeded

  • confirmation_block_count – How many blocks wait for the transaction receipt to settle. Set to zero to return as soon as we see the first transaction receipt or when using insta-mining tester RPC.


List of tx hashes



If the JSON-RPC node rejects the transaction.

  • Anvil will reject some transactions immediately: if there is not enough gas money

  • Ethereum Tester reject some transactions immediately on any error in automining mode

Return type