Source code for eth_defi.event_reader.logresult

"""Event reader output types and decoding."""

from typing import TypedDict, List, Optional

from eth_utils import hexstr_if_str, to_bytes
from import get_event_data
from web3.contract.contract import ContractEvent
from web3.types import EventData

[docs]class LogContext: """An abstract context class you can pass around for the log results. Subclass this and add your own data / methods. See `scripts/` for an example. """
[docs]class LogResult(TypedDict): """One emitted Solidity event. - Type mappings for a raw Python :py:class:`dict` object - Designed for high performance at the cost of readability and usability - The values are untranslated hex strings to maximize the reading speed of events - See :py:func:`decode_event` how to turn to ABI converted data - See :py:mod:`eth_defi.event_reader.reader` for more information Example data (PancakeSwap swap): .. code-block:: text { 'address': '0xc91cd2b9c9aafe494cf3ccc8bee7795deb17231a', 'blockHash': '0x3bc60abea8fca30516f48b0374542b9c8fa554061c8802d7bcd4211fffbf6caf', 'blockNumber': 30237147, 'chunk_id': 30237147, 'context': None, 'data': '0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000de90d34e1f2e65c0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000018e627902bfb974416f90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000', 'event': <class 'web3._utils.datatypes.Swap'>, 'logIndex': '0x3', 'removed': False, 'timestamp': 1690184818, 'topics': ['0xd78ad95fa46c994b6551d0da85fc275fe613ce37657fb8d5e3d130840159d822', '0x00000000000000000000000064c425b6fa04873ea460cda049b340d79cf859d7', '0x000000000000000000000000ad1fedfb04377c4b849cef6ef9627bca41955fa0'], 'transactionHash': '0xf2287653559f01d8afba9ae00386d453b731699b784851f7a8504d41dee7503b', 'transactionIndex': '0x1' } """ #: User passed context for the event reader context: LogContext #: Contract event matches for this raw log #: #: To use helpers to decode this log. #: #: This event instance is just a class reference and does #: not contain any bound data. #: event: ContractEvent #: Smart contract address address: str #: Block where the event was blockHash: str #: Block number as hex string blockNumber: str #: UNIX timestamp of the block number. #: Synthesized by block reader code, not present in the receipt. #: May be None if timestamp fetching is disabled for the speed reasons. timestamp: Optional[int] #: Transaction where the event occred transactionHash: str #: Log index as a hex number logIndex: str #: Topics in this receipt. #: `topics[0]` is always the event signature. #: #: TODO: Whether these are strings or HexBytes depends on the EVM backend and Web3 version. #: Resolve this so that results are normalised to one type. #: #: See :py:mod:`eth_defi.reader.conversion` how to get Python values out of this. #: topics: List[str] #: Block reorg helper removed: bool #: Data related to the event #: #: As raw hex dump from the JSON-RPC. #: #: See :py:func:`eth_defi.reader.conversion.decode_data` to split to args. #: data: str
[docs]def decode_log(evt: LogResult) -> EventData: """Decodes a single raw log result using the attached ABI. See :py:class:`LogResult` for more information. Example usage: .. code-block:: python # Decode a Swap event from PancakeSwap decoded = decode_log(evt) Example output - see decoded 'args': .. code-block: python { 'args': { 'sender': '0x0000000000016a723d0d576Df7DC79EC149ac760', 'to': '0x0000000000016a723d0d576Df7DC79EC149ac760', 'amount0In': 0, 'amount1In': 160311000000000000, 'amount0Out': 52141086389997638430846, 'amount1Out': 0 }, 'event': 'Swap', 'logIndex': '0x3', 'transactionIndex': '0x0', 'transactionHash': '0x4a64c93bae322d7992612559976feac55cedb10f5cb14bdd86e2f21189bdce48', 'address': '0xa9da8ab754b8d0ca39de269309c747d6cb28c97c', 'blockHash': '0x64c3f40f92a8ef1a7333041494877d7282752363f30b3bf3c4820fd4a23cc595', 'blockNumber': 30237924 } :param evt: A raw log event from the event reader. :return: Human-readable dict. """ evt = evt.copy() # ABI expects these as HexBytes, # so we just mangle in place evt["topics"] = [hexstr_if_str(to_bytes, t) for t in evt["topics"]] event = evt["event"] abi = event._get_event_abi() data = get_event_data(event.w3.codec, abi, evt) return data