Examples of how to use web3.py and Web-Ethereum-Defi library.

Examples include

  • Reading live trades of different DEXes

  • Performing ERC-20 token transfers

  • Making swaps on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, others

  • Creating your own price feeds for ERC-20 tokens

  • Data research with Jupyter Notebooks and Pandas

  • Integrating DeFi protocols for backend and data research pipeline

For any questions please join to Discord chat.


  • Command line: You need to know UNIX command line basics, like how to use environment variables. Microsoft Windows is fine, but we do not test or write any instructions for it, so please consult your local Windows expert for any Windows specific questions.

  • Python package management: Make sure you know how to install packages (pip, poetry) and use Python virtual environments. See Github README for details.

  • Jupyter notebook: For data science examples you need to know the basics of Jupyter notebooks

Tutorials and examples

For more examples, browse tests folder on Github. You can also search function names in the repository using Github search.