Documentation for eth_defi.uniswap_v2.deployment Python module.

Uniswap v2 and compatible DEX deployments.

Compatible exchanges include, but not limited to

  • Uniswap v2

  • Sushiswap v2

  • Pancakeswap v2 and v3

  • QuickSwap

  • TraderJoe

Under the hood we are using SushiSwap v2 contracts for the deployment.

Module Attributes


A constant to tell we do not know or care about pair init code hash for this Uni v2 deploymeny


deploy_factory_sushi(web3, deployer)

Deploy a Uniswap V2 factory contract.

deploy_trading_pair(web3, deployer, ...)

Deploy a new trading pair on Uniswap v2.

deploy_uniswap_v2_like(web3, deployer[, ...])

Deploy v2=

fetch_deployment(web3, factory_address, ...)

Construct Uniswap deployment based on on-chain data.

mock_partial_deployment_for_analysis(web3, ...)

Create a Uniswap deployment that is only usable in trade analysis.



Uniswap v2 deployment description.